Making America Great Again 2020

Will Trump be Re-elected?

The presidency of Donald Trump has been widely mocked by national especially CNN News. This has caused many observers to reach the conclusion that chances for Donald Trump to get re-elected are low. However, the case may be contradictory to what is actually being thought. There are still many of the academic models that historians and political scientists use to predict presidential elections are favorable for a Trump re-election.

Let us explore the factors that are favoring Donald Trump for a second term in the office of the President. One simple indicator might just be the huge volume of sales at the Official Trump 2020 Store.

A recent study of the political history of The United States tells us that the candidates who get elected to the presidency once tend to get re-elected if they run. Only two chief executives seeking reelection over the last 50 years that include: Carter and Bush.

Secondly, Trump has made The United States the strongest economy in living memory. New employment opportunities, inflation has gone to its lowest, and new jobs are being created at a startling pace. Anyone who studies presidential politics knows that strong economies are the most important factor driving support for the incumbent.

Then, most importantly the nation is at peace. Trump has avoided involvement in new overseas conflicts. Unpopular wars are the one issue that can eclipse a good economy in the minds of voters, but at the moment Trump seems to be delivering both peace and prosperity.

Fourthly, Democrats are busy reminding voters in the middle of the political spectrum why they voted for Trump in 2016. Ever since the Democrats have moved away from their working base in the 1970s, winning the party’s presidential nomination has required appeals to the far Left. While most of the voters may not accept the rich and want more to achieve more government benefits, those sentiments may not have any strong basis when the economy is strong.

The surveys indicating that a majority of voters are not inclined to vote for Trump again are misleading because they d not know who his Democratic rival will be in 2020. That will be a decisive factor drawing voters to the polls—as often as not because they are so eager to cast their ballots against a contender they detest.

Then, the people have gotten used to Trump. He does not seem as outrageous as he once did. As people become more accustomed to his style and he learns better how to modulate it, the appeal of voting for an alternative will tend to recede.

The average Republican, commonly referred to as the “moderate Republican”, is still not a fan of Trump, who is seen as too confrontational and vulgar, but got the one thing they care about: a tax cut. Scared of a “socialist backlash” within the Democratic Party, they will come out to protect their new gains by voting Trump.

So, it can be concluded that those in favor of Trump’s winning are right. Trump will probably win if he chooses to run. What follows is an explanation of why the odd favor Trump, and what his leadership will mean for global security.